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 Tmtt [Off] (09.12.2018 / 18:12)
Мутный Штырлиц
буде исчо буудет...
 КАЙФОВАЯ [Off] (04.12.2018 / 23:17)
блестящий интеллект....
Блять Я прошу закрыть тему с проклятием Иначе я буду еще 27 создавать
 КАЙФОВАЯ [Off] (04.12.2018 / 23:16)
блестящий интеллект....
Хорошо сверху приземляться
 Тихий_читатель (Adm) [ON] (02.12.2018 / 17:57)
Зима пришла вчера
 john77 (SV!) [Off] (01.12.2018 / 19:37)
Ждон Два Топора
Вперде падонаки
 Тихий_читатель (Adm) [ON] (30.11.2018 / 19:56)
Скока у тебя зубов осталось?
 Tmtt [Off] (30.11.2018 / 11:32)
Мутный Штырлиц
я фуею от ферыфлюхтена
 Tunzxywalex [Off] (24.11.2018 / 15:15)
it Johncms Socialbux b3
 Tunzxywalex [Off] (24.11.2018 / 15:14)
hello an web developer from Lagos, Nigeria.

let start our description.
what is socialbux?
Complete fully advanced php
social commuity software that
enable you to build your own social website .

Socialbux is a Social Network Platform similar with
Facebook site and development allowing users to
interact with each other by questions in forums, blogs,
comments, like, share questions, add and search
friends, see live feed and so much more.

1- General Featurer
Smart collection between social and community .
Modern and clean design
100% responsive and friendly for any screen and
Fully Customised
Light page load speed
Multi languages translation
Search Engine Friendly
Very easy to understand ( no complex coding ) .
full source code .
Multi Function Dashboard
News feeds
Unique users profiles
Beside instant message, your members can send
messages to others, and collecting the both message
and messages in one conversation .
It can used with credits system ( for more
monetization )
Blogs -
Stories and blogging plugin.
Forums -
Discussion on our powerful forum with thanks and like
button in it.
Photos with photo preview facebook style
Rating photos game
Spotlighted members
Fire wall -
Protect your site from hacker by blocking some ip
against your server.
Bot System -
With our bot panel you can configure how many users
you want to be active online by adding their unique id
and name.
Credits System
Smart Search System
Profile Likes
Real Time Notifications
User Birthday Greeting
Beautiful Landing Page
Adult plugins
Is your site for or has adult content and you warning
your visitors before they can join, don’t worry, you can
activate our smart adult warning page from admin
board and it will be your landing page .
- Powerful Admin panel
You can control every your site inch from our powerful
admin board, by socialbux admin board you are real
the owner of this software ( no coding knowledge
needed ) .
- Responsive admin panel
control your site anywhere by your mobile, tablet or
any device .
No coding needed
- you can edit your site interface’s styles or images by
our advanced system editor .
Themes manager
- Our theme management system enables you add
new theme by simple upload button, remove themes
and edit any themes from one place .
- plugins and addons manager
Add, remove or edit any plugin settings by your admin
panel to fit your site function
Members settings
- Activate, delete any member or add a user to user
group .
- Unlimited Custom Pages
You can add unlimited custom pages, with local or
external URL, with meta tags for search engine
And much more ...
We value your site so we put many tools to control
and prepare your site .
Paid Or Free Hosting Server Set Up
Php 5.4 upward
Ftp Program
Please read docs included in the downloaded folder in
Visit our demo site to see it in action
Demo @ http://demo.socialbux.com.ng

Username: Admin
Password: 123456

Note : Admin demo has a limitation, so you can’t see
changes for front end site, Also admin demo separated
from userfront demo site .

prize $25

buy it here in

https://www.codester.com/items ... cript
 Тихий_читатель (Adm) [ON] (21.11.2018 / 22:39)
Я пьянущая, но НЕ закурила
Всем радости
 Tmtt [Off] (21.11.2018 / 21:01)
Мутный Штырлиц
эт точна!
 Тихий_читатель (Adm) [ON] (21.11.2018 / 20:08)
Все может быть, даже чего быть не может
 Tmtt [Off] (21.11.2018 / 19:34)
Мутный Штырлиц
ёсчё как есть... оно не может не есть....
 Тихий_читатель (Adm) [ON] (21.11.2018 / 16:46)
Поехала пить коняк в честь праздника
 Тихий_читатель (Adm) [ON] (18.11.2018 / 10:38)
Нет вечного
 Tmtt [Off] (17.11.2018 / 23:55)
Мутный Штырлиц
а мы вечны..
 topkek [Off] (06.11.2018 / 17:02)
?Капец одни троли на месте
 КАЙФОВАЯ [Off] (23.10.2018 / 11:48)
блестящий интеллект....
Кислородно спастическая аналогия 23.10 аритмия звукогенных выблесков рыгаидольного преферанса сьяндексированного выжигания четыре хуле точняк бутербродным грузом ебанется солнечно лучи выебанных букв?
 Egorka [Off] (17.10.2018 / 22:03)
 Tmtt [Off] (27.09.2018 / 01:19)
Мутный Штырлиц
где моя любовь?
В Раю. А где Я ?
В Аду. Разница?
ФСЁ Тя буде м.....
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